Midnight Hand

The Midnight Hand is a shadow-forged pair of gauntlets infused with magic and special undetectable enchantments.

Dancing Fairy of Midnight

The Dancing Fairy of Midnight is a shadow-forged gunblade with an eight-shot cylinder near the barrel.

Neural Implant

William has a neural implant that bolsters and makes use of his brain power. Functioning as a sort of 'plug-and-play CPU' it makes use of William's unused capacity and adds onto it increasing his reaction speed. On top of that, the implant can be linked to another implant like his Atlas Eye or external devices and add to the processing power of the device.

Atlas Eye

Wired to his visual cortex is a lab-grown artificial eye known as the Atlas Eye. In addition to being an actual eye, it has circuitry embedded in it that works in harmony with the eye, allowing him to switch through filters like night vision, thermal, electromagnetic and advanced tactical X-ray.



William sprouts wings of Sinner's Fire. As an extension of his body and soul, he can control them freely and as efficiently as an Angel. They can be used as a shield or to launch Oblivion Sparks, fireballs that actively and intelligently seek their target according to user will.


William can bridge the gap between two points quickly but in short range. When paired with the Dancing Fairy of Midnight he can reach targets further away.


William becomes significantly faster while time slows down a bit. Can nullify or reduce the effects of time-slowing spells.



William appears offset from where he really is, usually offset a few inches forward.


William's reaction time and speed becomes faster and so does his strength if the odds are stacked against him.

Curses & Blessings

Misfortune (Curse)

William is EXTREMELY unlucky, usually dropping things or equipment turning defective on him.